Sensorial learning helps develop a child’s intelligence. Whether you believe intelligence is inherited or formed by the environment, you can gather it by education. Cleverness build upon by experience and idea processes. 
Sensorial activities help child  to develop their senses. Sensorial  activities offer a variety of guide to observe, since it classifies the impressions that each sense can receive the colors, notes, noises, forms and sizes, touch-sensations, odors and tastes. Children from birth to age six are in their sensitive stage for exploring the world through their good sense. Bright future Montessori motivates the children with many opportunities to organize the sensory effect they have gotten since birth. By our careful variety of items of diverse textures, colors, sizes, and arithmetical shapes, children will find out the relations and short out. Sensorial experience also  get ready children for future searching of languagemathematics, geometry, art, and music.
Sensorial tools provide a particular idea and a spotlight. It includes use the child’s hands, senses, and impulsive movement. When a young children see they feel impressive new and exciting, he or she will desire to touch the object. Young children will grip it and hold it right away, they want to feel the actuality of the thing. Children are exposed to diverse surfaces, temperature and weights. Children hold certain objects to expand their tangible sense. By working on the smelling jars actions, children are cleansing their smelling sense. Children be taught about their taste bud by giving diverse liquid which consists of the flavor sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The aim of Sensorial teaching is to permit the child to utilize his senses where and to comprehend. A child can increase visual awareness, refine the tactile senses, instruct the child’s sense of reeking, sensitivity.
Bright Future Montessori in Dublin, CA, USA in Trivalley  near PleasantonLivermoreSan Ramon is engaged in  Montessori Sensorial activities using Montessori Tools for the young children of 2 year to 6 year.