aruna s. Fremont, CA

I am so happy to write review for Ms Shilpa and her team. My daughter has been going to her preschool more almost 6 months and I can see lot of good changes in her. I really appreciate all her pics and video which was shared by Ms Shilpa on regular basis. This is really important for working Mom’s as we don’t miss lot of priceless moments.

Swetha A. Dublin, CA

Update! Its been 2+ years since the last review, and I am still so happy with Ms.Shilpa and her team. The best thing with the school is – they try to see what’s skills the kid has and they try to bring it out. My daughter was good at Mathematics, Ms.Shilpa found it and she tried to enhance her skills. Now my daughter can count up to 3 digits with ease. Its not just the analytical skills that they focus. They also focus on social skills and personality development. When we had our son, we were going through a rough time – my daughter was finding it hard to accept her brother. I told this once to Ms.Shilpa and I don’t know what magic she did, eventually my daughter started liking him, taking care of him and now she says that her brother is her best friend. I am so grateful to Ms.Shilpa and her team for nurturing the kids and bringing the best out of them.

Previous review

We love this Montessori! My daughter was 2.5 years when we moved to Dublin. I was amazed to see that the very first day she was happy returning home from the Montessori. Ms. Shilpa took such a great care of my daughter that she never felt away from home. She is always happy going to the Montessori and sometimes she wants to go in the weekends as well. Now we have a new born at home and Ms.Shilpa is making my daughter to understand that she has a little brother, she should take care and play with him. Now I don’t see any possessiveness with my daughter for her brother, she started loving him and she is taking care of him. I am so thankful to this Ms.Shilpa and her staff in this Montessori. I am sure I will send my son also here once he grows up 🙂