Practical life is a part in the Montessori phenomenon that cover skills, practical to everyday life of children’s. Practical life training includes pouring, spooning, transferring, lacing, buttoning, carrying equipment, washing hands, caring for the environment. Children learn the basic movement of all activities such as pouring, folding, and carrying. Practical life develop ability, freedom, motivation and take up the challenge if fairly possible. Practical life can help children to expand coordination, awareness, liberty, eye-hand coordination, control of movement which draw the concentration. The aim of Practical life is to improve the child’s skill, fine-motor skills, attention, order and freedom. These exercises are all straight and not direct planning for mathematicslanguage as fine as later academic development.

Bright Future Montessori in DublinCA, USA in Trivalley near PleasantonLivermoreSan Ramon is engaged in Montessori  Practical Life activities using Montessori Tools for the young children of 2 year to 6 year.