Character Education & Ethics:
In Montessori technique, education of quality is careful as vital as academic education, children study to get care of themselves, each other cooking, cleanup, structure, farming, moving elegantly, talking graciously, being thoughtful and helpful, doing communal work in the group of people, etc. This forms the base of a person’s nature and uniqueness, and amazing that our present education system misses entirely.

Best Platform For Child Development:
Montessori education is jointly a view point of child expansion best platform and a ground for excellence in that expansion. It develops cognitive, social, affecting and moral stress in children. It develops in deepness awareness of child by education and calculation, interact with other children and develops good power. Kids interacts with other kids and talk about what they like, whom they like, they play two-gather. Education is a training for the child’s life, not only a search for academic skills. The child has one impulsive aspire his quality development. He very much wants to develop his within resources and his skill to handle with an odd compound word. The child who accomplishes this move into agreement with his glove and become a full person.

The role of the Montessori teacher traditional teacher. She watches and assist the child, according to the child’s person’s necessities and interests. She is trained to identify periods of readiness and to express the right utilize of the objects to the children. She highlights in a practical manner. At times she may convince a child. At other times, she may redirect a child who chooses material past his skill. She protects the child’s truth and allows the child to have the liberty of option to take own decisions. The child’s decision is predictable to mirror a sense of blame.
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