What is Bright Future Montessori?

Bright Future Montessori is based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy which primarily focuses on the quality education with care for children between the ages of 2 years to 6 year. Our  programs are created to nurture the physical, social, cognitive, touching and divine development of each student.

Is Bright Future Montessori a day care / preschool? 

Bright Future Montessori is beyond day care and  simple preschool. Educational programs are base on Dr. Maria Montessori philosophy. Children’s activities are designed with Montessori Materials. Our program offers a full range of Montessori activities such as practical life, sensorial activities, language, mathematics and cultural topics. Children discover themes on planets, continents, shapes, reptiles, dinosaurs, amphibians, community helpers, bugs, zoo animals, farm animals, and culture events, such as holidays. 

Is Bright Future Montessori a home based day care / preschool?

It is home based Montessori school that offers child care capability with Montessori Education for full day, half day and extended care.

What is difference between day care and Montessori child care?

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Are teachers Montessori professionals?

Yes, our teachers are Montessori professionals.

What is Kid / Teacher ratio?

Kid / Teacher ratio is 6 / 1.

Is this facility licensed?

Yes this facility is licensed from State of California.

How is this facility?

This facility  is in sunny, well ventilated, fresh air, with dining room, and computer for the children.

Can I drop my kids whenever I want?

Yes, you can drop kids with 30 days prior notice.