Shilpa Parekh Bright Future Montessori
Shilpa Parekh Bright Future Montessori

About Bright Future Montessori:
Bright Future Montessori is managed and administer by Miss Shilpa. Miss Shilpa is the director of Bright Future Montessori. Ms. Shilpa holds double Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Law. She received formal Montessori education from the American Montessori Society and holds a director’s permit for childcare / daycare Ms. Shilpa has 20 years of experience in early childhood care.
Ms. Shilpa is dedicated to her profession, and lovable to children for warm welcoming. Her primary focus is to make children comfortable as they enter pre-school and get them ready for academic, social, and personal growth.
Ms. Shilpa is trained for Health and Safety, CPR certified. Bright Future Montessori is a licensed facility by the California Department of Social Services – Child Care Licensing Program.  

Bright Future Montessori is established in 2014 in the city of Dublin, CA, USA. Miss Shilpa has 15+ year of experience in Montessori profession. Bright Future Montessori is a large-sized home based preschool with Montessori curriculum. Bright Future Montessori also prides itself in one-to-one attention provided to children as they prepare for kindergarten using Dublin Unified School District kindergarten preparedness guidelines.
Bright Future Montessori is conveniently located in East Dublin, Jordan Ranch, Windwood community, near Marriposa, Positano park way in city of Dublin off of the Fallon Gateway exit in a safe neighborhood.
Post COVID19:
Bright Future Montessori has well-lit, well ventilated, and air purified classroom and large outdoor play area. Bright Future Montessori follows all CDC and CDSS COVID19 guidelines. All staff is COVID-19 vaccinated and Bright Future Montessori follows a strict sanitation and air circulation schedule. Feel free to call or message anytime at (510) 364-9546 to learn more information and schedule a visit. 
Quality Education:
Bright Future Montessori is focused on early child education based on  Montessori philosophy, using Montessori Tools. Bright Future Montessori provides quality education with care, through one to one attention to child, which nurture the physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development of each student. Bright Future Montessori activities includes MathematicsLanguagePractical Life, SensorialScience and Geography which improve fine motor skills and hand eye coordination allowing children to learn life-long concepts. Bright Future Montessori activities engage children to use their curiosity and imagination which make them distinct individuals. Montessori activities increase   children’s self esteem, independence while respecting themselves and others around them.
Bright Future Montessori environment makes children self disciplined, independent, and cooperative. Children explore several subjects beyond language and mathematics and get individual attention. Bright Future Montessori teachers are trained to work with children according to the Montessori philosophy using Montessori tools.